Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Haunted rowboat of Lake Bomoseen - Bomoseen, VT

Lake Bomoseen is nestled in the mountains of western Vermont in Rutland County.  Long ago Irish settlers who worked the local slate quarries called it home.  However, the nearest "watering hole" where they could unwind was across Lake Bomoseen on the eastern shore to a tavern in Bomoseen.  Today the town of West Castleton is a ghost town, perhaps literally.

Location of former West Castleton, Vermont

One night on an excursion to their favorite tavern,  three men jumped in their rowboat to make the journey across the lake.  However, the next morning their row boat was found adrift in Lake Bomoseen with no one aboard.  An extensive search was done of the lake in the surrounding area but their bodies were never found.

To this day some say that on a moonlit night, you can see a phantom row boat moving across the calm lake with no sign of anyone aboard, silently returning to the bay on the western shore. 

Upon closer investigation, the boat disappears. Perhaps the men of West Castleton still enjoy a night at the tavern, even in death.

Painting by   Fred E. Pearce

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