Saturday, November 13, 2010

White Lady of Millinocket - Millinocket, Maine

Legend says that in the 1940s or 50's era, a bride and groom were returning from their honeymoon and driving along the Brownville Road near Millinocket, Maine.  They were nearly home when for some unknown reason, the car swerved off the road and down an embankment into a ditch.  The new groom instructed his wife to stay in the car and he would go get some help.  When he returned, his wife was no where to be found.

To this day people say that if you are driving down the Brownville Road, often you can see an apparition of a woman dressed in white walking along this stretch of highway either on or near the green bridge.  Others say that she appears when the weather turns foul and there is a dense fog or mist. There is one account of a group of curiosity seekers that parked on the bridge with their lights out during a dense fog, hoping to get a glimpse of "The White Lady".  They got a little more than they bargained for because when they turned the lights back on, the windows had fogged up as you may expect with a lot of people in the car.  However, on the outside of the car in the condensation that gathered on the windows, there were hand prints all over.

The bridge on Brownsville Road, also known as "The White Lady" bridge.

It is rumored that on the original Brownville road that is next to the new one, you can still find the wreckage of the car that crashed that night long ago, still in the ditch.  Perhaps something happened to her on that dreadful night and her spirit returns to the place where it believes she can find her lost groom.


  1. Having grown up in Millinocket I have seen the apparition myself. I have heard of stories where she has gone as far as to walk over a car while a couple was "Parking" near the Rt. 11 Green Bridge. The apparition pictured above is just a little too clear to be what I saw and the dress is too new to be that our a 40's to 50's era dress. And Yes there is reckage in the woods near the current Rt. 11 bridge and the era of the car is correct. A couple of local video graphers did a blare witch style home video tour and it aired on Millinocket Public TV.

  2. i personally myself grew up in millinocket, still do live here. i am 17 years old, i have seen the white lady, it is the most scaryist thing i have ever encountered in my life but i do recomend trying it to see yourself :)

  3. It is the Brownville Rd, not the Brownsville Rd.

  4. i actually went there last night with a bunch of my friends and sat there with the lights out and i thought i saw a white shadow cross fast on the other side of the bridge where the old road is.. it was so creepy! yet fun.. next time around we are going to park on the actual road where it happend.. and see what happens.. and i wasnt the only one who had seen that light either. it was completely dark and the light popped up more than once.. i recomend seeing it.. because its happend to more than one person and its not all in your head.. thats for sure

  5. Where is this bridge? Cant find it on a map.. Is it the bridge between brownville and millinocket?