Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Blue Lady of Vale End Cemetery - Wilton, New Hampshire

Mary Ritter was born in 1795.  Raised as a church going woman, she later married Isaac Spaulding who ran a local tanning business.  

Vale End Cemetery in Wilton, New Hampshire is home to the phenomenon known as The Blue Lady

Mary died in 1808.  There is an aura of mystery surrounding her death as some say that she and her husband got into a dispute and he buried her alive.  Others claim that she was murdered by some sort of cult in some sort of devil worship ceremony.  There are other mysteries surrounding Mary Spaulding.  She claimed that she had a son named James, yet there are no records of there ever being a James Spaulding and there are no accounts of anyone every seeing this child.  Her tombstone is marked with the name Mary Ritter, not Mary Spaulding.

Grave site of Mary Ritter whom many believe is The Blue Lady of Vale End

The mysteries that blur the end of Mary Ritter's life may be why some say she lingers at her grave site to this day.  However, she does not appear as a full bodied apparition, but as as pale blue hazy column of light.  It is said that mostly in the Spring or Fall on hazy or foggy evenings, this light roughly about the size of a person can be seen hovering above her grave.  This phenomenon has become known as "The Blue Lady".  

There are other strange occurrences that take place at Vale End.  Phenomenon such as flashlights and electronics devices seem to have the life drained out of them as visitors wander through this cemetery.  It is said that there are some spirits that haunt Vale End that are evil and not not friendly at all.  Folklore of the Wampanoag Nation tell of the Pukwudgie, a short troll-like demon spirit that is believed to reside here in its den.  Wompanoag folklore tells of this demon haunting southern New England in response to the massacre of a tribe of Native Americans by British soldiers at Wilton.

There are also accounts of visitors spotting the figure of an old man only to later disappear.  Most occurrences occur near the front gate of the cemetery.  Many believe that this is the spirit of a man who buried his daughter in the cemetery, but some time later the child's grave was moved.  They claim he is now searching for her.  There have been reports of a child's grave from the 1830s having a collection of items gathered around it.  However, these items seem to come from other grave sites in the cemetery.  When the items are cleared, more items appear on the child's grave again!


  1. anybody want to check it out with me?

    1. Im with ya lol

    2. I'll come along any time.
      e-mail me at
      My dog goes crazy in this cemetery. Running at top speed from one end to the other.
      Why do people leave coins on the grave stone?
      Anxious to hear from you.

    3. During the Vietnam War, it became popular to leave coins on the graves of fallen soldiers. The denomination of the coin held significance in this case. A penny was left by a casual friend or acquaintance. Someone who trained in boot camp with the deceased would leave a nickel. A soldier from the same company would leave a dime and a family member a quarter. The coins were a way to for soldiers to leave a message to the family of the fallen when they didn't have direct contact. The money was also sometimes considered a down payment on a beer or a hand of poker when the mourner met the deceased again.

    4. Also:

      Pennies are left on graves, most of all, in remembrance of the deceased. Leaving a coin from your pocket is a way to leave a part of yourself at the burial site. The coin is a visual reminder that, even in death, the memory of the deceased lives on. It is also a sign of respect to the dead, as it shows that their memory has value to you and is something you want to commemorate.

  2. I've been here before. her house is right before the cemetary. Or so my friends tols me it was hers. Its all boarded up. A few of my friends say they broke into it once... not something I would do... Her Stone seams a little hard to find at first. its in the back right corner if I can remember correctly, seams all by itself. But with the huge chunk missing from the corner of it its not hard to know which one is hers.
    My friends and I went to visit on halloween night one year. Deffinetly creepy. We had some creepy things happen. Lets just say, remember your keys to your car so you can get back in if you try to leave them open for a quick escape. they may not be open for you when you come back.
    We parked in the cemetary, and it was night time. your not supposed to go after dark, if you do you can get in big trouble if you get cought.
    Be careful, and if you go at night, make sure your prepared for earie feelings, and lots of fearful scarryness...

  3. I grew up in Wilton, NH, I have seen the Blue Lady quite a few times, since she's a local legend of sorts. Her House is about a 1/2 mile from the cemetary, it's yellow, and boarded up. (I've been in there too when I was a kid) The Blue Lady doesn't just hover over her grave, she walks the cemetary searching, she is NOT a friendly spirit. She is extremely pissed off at where she is buried. The Child's spirit is also there, and you can sometimes see and hear her. Wilton Police now patrol the Cemetary at night, issuing tickets and such to anyone caught in the cemetary after hours.

  4. I have been there with my son and a couple freinds and it is an erie place, we have pictures of the Demond like mist with many faces inside of it - very freaky. We have alit of other pictures too! I can also say - and beleive me -until then I was a non believer, but something kinda of "took over" my will and kept making me walk away from everyone and they had to physically stop me from walking. I kept heading towards the back center of the cemetary. I have no idea why. My freind brand new very expoensive camera also just stopped working - to never work right again either! It was one of the creepiest pplaces I have even been too. Especially the pictures because you can't see alit of this in person - only on the pictures.

  5. Im 16, but i went to the cementary when I was 14 with my sister, brother and step dad back in the summer. I lived in Wilton at the time, but yea her house is boarded up and the grave yard is pretty sketchy.

  6. I was just there today

  7. If she was born in 1795 and died in 1808 she would have only been 13. Right ?

  8. Yes, 13 is right!! She married very young!!

  9. She was born in 1773. She married in 1795.