Saturday, July 2, 2011

Black Dog of Meriden Mountain - Hanging Hills of Meriden, Connecticut

In the Hanging Hills near Meriden, Connecticut, a legend goes back 100 or more years regarding a black dog, not a normal everyday dog, but on of a supernatural sort.  Many who have been hiking on Meriden Mountain have had encounters with what appears to be a black dog that seems to leave no tracks, makes not one sound even when it appears to be barking, and it seems to disappear into thin air.

According to legend, if you spot the dog once, it brings you good luck.  If you encounter the dog a second time, it will bring you sorrow.  However, if you see the dog for a third time, it is an omen of death.

Geologist W.H.C. Pynchon was working in the Hanging Hills and encountered the black dog and it followed him around while he was traveling the mountain on horseback.  As he was coming back down the mountain, he approached the spot where first encountering the animal and as he turned to look, the dog was gone.

Later in 1891, Pynchon and Herbert Marshall of the United States Geological Survey were working on research on what is known as the West Peak of Meriden Mountain when they encountered the spectral beast.  According to Pynchon, the dog appeared to be relatively normal looking.  The dog then suddenly disappeared.  Pynchon recalled to Marshall how he saw the dog in that same area once, before.  He also noted that Marshall had told him he had seen the dog on two separate occasions himself while doing research in the area.  Shortly afterwards while the two were studying rocks near a cliff, Marshall slipped and fell to his death onto the rocks below.

The Hanging Hills of Meriden, Connecticut.  Shown here is the East Peak

A few years afterwards, Pynchon again went into the Hanging Hills to do research.  Days later his body was discovered near the same spot where his friend Marshall had fallen to his death.  The locals speculated that he once again, encountered the Black Dog of Meriden Mountain.

"And if a man shall meet the Black Dog once, it shall be for joy; and if twice, it shall be for sorrow; and the third time, he shall die." - W.H.C. Pynchon, not long before being found dead on the West Peak of Meridan Mountain.

Over the years many people have met their end on the West Peak in Hubbard Park.  Although, the dog has been spotted in various parts of the mountain including Castle Craig located on what is known as the East Peak.  It is believed that 6 deaths are attributed to the Black Dog of Meriden Mountain.  So if you are hiking on Metacomet Trail which passes through the park or on the mountain itself, beware of the Black Dog.

Castle Craig which sits on Meriden Mountain in the Hanging Hills located near Meriden, Connecticut
Castle Craig which sits on Meriden Mountain in the Hanging Hills.   Meriden, Connecticut can be seen in the distance.


  1. hen I was a kid, I used to hike all the time around the castle. One time my friends and I took bike rides up there on the trail. We stopped for a bit around the base of the cliff and I was doing something to my bike , my friend said to me....." did you see that dog?" I said what dog, and he said this" it didn`t make any sounds as it roamed around near us. It was barking but there was no sound...I told him I didn`t see nor hear anything and he swore it was there.....this was long before either one of us had ever heard about the Black Dog.

  2. I've had some supernatural experiences since an angel told me a 'veil would be lifted'. I don't tell a lot of people about that cause they look at you sideways and then shun you most of the time, but I've been surprised by how many people open up and tell me they've had supernatural experiences too!While writing a book, I studied online sources for information about the black dog-apparition known as the Grim, Cu Sith and other black-dog harbingers of doom (seen in Ireland/Scotland, England) never thinking I would ever see one of those harbingers. Well, I was driving home one night when I noticed a black dog trying to cross the highway. I thought to myself, 'I wonder if someone is going to die' and I got goosebumps. When that happens, I always pay attention cause most of the time it means 'yes', and sometimes it means just pay attention for future reference. I thought about my family and worried a little but soon thought, 'everything is in God's hands and I shall not fear'. Three days later I was invited to go out of town. My first thought was 'what if we have a wreck and someone gets killed', but again I trusted God. The third day, I was picked up and we headed out of town. No further than five miles from my house, we came upon a large tractor-trailer chicken-hauling truck which had collided with a car. Sitting in the back seat, I looked over my shoulder as we slowly passed and saw a body lying motionless on the shoulder of the road and covered by a tarp. Again, I got goosebumps and knew that was the death that had been foretold. I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to pray for that person's soul, too.

  3. I went up to the hills to hike with my best friend and her fiancee two weeks ago. My best friend had heard about the stories when she was younger and had already seen the dog once on a previous visit with her dad. We were hiking when we came across an open path. My friend stopped suddenly and pointed up in front of us. There stood a black dog barking at us, but there was no sound coming out of his mouth. My friend started freaking out cuz it was her second time seeing the dog. She ran down to our car crying. I really didn't think too much of it after that to be honest, until she called me a few days ago saying that she found her fiancee in bed with another woman. Instead of trying to get my friend back, the stupid guy told her that he met this chick that morning and had fallen hopelessly in love with her. He even asked for the ring back right then and there! She swears it's cuz she saw the black dog for a second time and has vowed never to go back.

  4. I have chocolate milk Yay!!!!!

  5. How come no one has ever got a photo of the spectral pooch? Wouldn't that be interesting? Its a very spooky story and makes me wonder what type of evil spirit this thing is...but a photo would be priceless.

  6. My feeling is that the dog is there to warn people and protect them from whatever there is thats not good there but remains unseen. Dogs do that...and have been mans best friend for forever and a day, protecting them and guarding them, and they can see and hear things we cant!!

  7. If this is true, I would bet money this pooch is a Hell Hound