Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ghosts of Seguin Island Light - Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Originally commissioned in 1797 by George Washington, the Seguin Island Light lies just three miles off the coast of Maine in Boothbay Harbor on a small rocky island.   The light can only be reached by boat or helicopter.  The Seguin Island light has under gone reconstruction many times and has had many light keepers over the years.  However, the story of one particular keeper leaves a gruesome mark on Maine's history and there are still reminders of it to this day.

Seguin Island Light in Boothbay Harbor, Maine is haunted by more than one spirit

In the 1800s, a keeper that lived on Seguin Island got married and he brought his bride to live with him.  After many days she became bored given that she had nothing to do on such a tiny island.  She had a liking for music, so the keeper bought her a piano and brought it to the island just before they were cooped up on the island during the long winter months.  His wife could only play sheet music and to their dismay, discovered that one sheet of music came with the piano and she had no other and it would be some time before they could get more.  She set to playing the song and played it and played it over and over to stave off her boredom.  It is said that hearing the same song being played over and over and over drove the keeper insane.  One day he could stand it no longer and chopped the piano to pieces with an axe and then set to chopping up his wife with it as well.  After realizing horrible thing that he had done, he then took his own life.  To this day, boaters passing close by the island claim that they can hear the faint sound of a piano emanating from Seguin Island.

Seguin Island Light several miles off the coast of Maine in Boothbay Harbor

Another ghostly legend of the Sequin light is that of the very first keeper.  He apparently loved his job and took great care of the light.  Unfortunately, he had no boat to get back and forth from the island and he also was very poor.  One day he was discovered lifeless in the lighthouse that was his pride and joy.  Occasionally to this day, boat captains passing by the light have occasionally seen the figure of an old man climbing the stairs to tend the light.  Only odd thing is, the light is now automated! The light was decommissioned by the U.S. Coast Guard from manual operation in 1985.  When the guardsmen were cleaning up and moving items out of the keeper's quarters, the men reported seeing the apparition of an old man appear dressed in late 1700s light keeper's oilskin clothing exclaiming, "don't take my furniture" and "...leave my home!"  He then faded away into nothing.

The Seguin Island light and museum is open to the public and offers summer tours of the light and keeper's quarters. 

Haunted Seguin Island Light in Boothbay Harbor, Maine is open during the summer for tours


  1. This lighthouse is not in Boothbay Harbor. It is at the mouth of the Kennebec River, outside Popham beach in Phippsburg/Georgetown Maine.

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