Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Slater Mill - Pawtucket, Rhode Island

You may have read about this place in your history books in school.  In 1793 it became the first water powered cotton mill which through demonstration of it's efficiency, helped industrialize the nation. It is commonly referred to as "Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution".  However, this mill has a dark past in that children were put to work in the mill under dangerous work conditions.   Some of them got caught in machines such as the mule spinner.  They were small so they were made to go into the machine to repair it.  Many of them never emerged alive.

Slater Mill in 1872

The spirits of the dead children are said to haunt the mill to this day, one of them a nine year old boy. The Slater Mill complex is open today as a working museum. When tours have been given, it is said that the voices of young children have been heard screaming when the machines have been turned on for demonstration purposes.  

One of the complex and dangerous loom machines that can be found in Slater Mill

The ghost of Samuel Slater himsef has been seen wandering around the mill complex on occasion as well. Or at least his apparition has anyway.  An apparition has been spotted throughout the mill walking about the machinery and also strolling along the Blackstone River. Many have spotted the figure through the windows walking around inside and upon entering the building, not a single soul was around. The phantom has been identified through old photos as Samuel Slater, the original owner of the mill.

Samuel Slater, father of the American industrial revolution

The wheel pit is said to contain a huge amount of electrical energy.  Some say that they get a very uneasy feeling when entering the wheel pit. Tingling sensations have been felt by many who enter this area.  A young girl was once assaulted by an unseen being, leaving scratches on her face as she fled the building.

Slater Mill as seen today, located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Slater's Mill Museum is open year round for public tours and is located at 67 Roosevelt Avenue, Pawtucket, RI 02860.  Take a tour, you just may see one of the resident ghosts.  However, you may want to stay away from the wheel pit!

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